Supply Chain Management

Our depth of experience in managing the supply chain and developing relationships with suppliers and vendors will make Acme a one-stop-shop for your supply chain management and raw material procurement.

Acme Industries also provides secondary operations services such as gear cutting, painting/finishing, and assembly, among others.

In our commitment to deliver the best service and product possible, Acme follows a strict vendor qualification process performed by our Quality Assurance department. This process ensures that we are proactive about choosing the best supply chain partners available.


  • Reduce risk of delivery or quality issues
  • Improve the caliber of supply chain partners
  • Alleviate overhead burden
  • Free up time to focus on your core business

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Facilitating Growth by Conserving Customer Resources

An OEM customer was limiting its growth because it was focused on maintaining its current parts and was not able to apply enough time to new parts and projects.


Bringing Order to Chaos

An OEM company chose Acme Industries to take on tier 1 responsibility for the part family, help choose a new foundry to supply the castings and bring them into production.


A Laser Focus on Service

A manufacturer of large fluid handling equipment was moving a suite of valve castings from one foundry into another as part of a strategic initiative to launch a new product. Critical to the process were the rapid transfer of patterns and the launch of new patterns.