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Acme Industries has Transitioned to AS9100:D and ISO9001:2015

October 31, 2017

Acme Industries is pleased to announce that they have successfully transitioned their Quality System to AS9100:D and ISO9001:2015. Acme Director of Quality, Naiyu Sun, shared the successful audit results with the Acme Management Team on October 25. Citing feedback from the audit team of well organized work areas in the production facilities, an excellent job launch process and strong management support.

Acme is Expanding Again…

October 20, 2017

Acme Industries’ Chase Avenue campus in Elk Grove Village is expanding, again. Acme will be taking over the space at 747 Chase Avenue to expand their manufacturing footprint. The additional 60,000 sq. ft. of space will add to the existing 270,000 sq. ft. in Elk Grove Village for a total of 330,000 sq. ft. This expansion, Acme’s third expansion in Elk Grove Village since moving here in 2009, will enable seamless integration for growth of new and existing programs.

Acme Achieves Silver-Level SQEP

August 28, 2017

Acme has done it again! With superior Quality, Delivery, and Customer Service metrics, Acme has been certified as a Silver Level Supplier within Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence Program (SQEP) for 2017. This is the second consecutive year that Acme has been recognized by our partners at CAT for our vital service, with many more to come!

Acme Industries Achieves AS9100C Across All Facilities

October 25, 2016

Acme Industries is pleased to announce they have achieved AS9100C certification across all three facilities. Committing to diversification through the Aerospace and Defense Industries, this was the first step of many to positioning Acme as a Beyond Precision manufacturer of components and assemblies. By achieving this certification across all facilities, this will allow Acme to offer maximum flexibility of capabilities for Aerospace and Defense-related opportunities.

Acme Achieves Bronze-Level SQEP

ACME is pleased to announce that we have become qualified as a Caterpillar Bronze level SQEP Supplier! This certification requires meeting stringent Quality and Delivery metrics, and affirm our commitment to a “Zero-Defect” mentality. Acme is proud to call Caterpillar a strategic customer and provide them with Beyond Precision solutions.

Acme Industries | Caterpillar bronze level SQEP supplier certificate

Differentiation Through Innovation

Most companies know that if they only had a magic innovation wand they could do great things for their business. Who wouldn’t like to have innovation springing up and creating new and differentiating products, services and processes? What a difference it could make in the success of the company! While no one that we know has a magic wand that creates innovation, there are proactive and intentional ways to foster it so that it is not an accident that innovation happens. More

Acme is Growing…again.

We are pleased to announce that Acme Industries has acquired Bley LLC, of Elk Grove Village. The combined companies will continue forward under the existing name of Acme Industries, Inc. As a result of this acquisition, we are pleased to welcome approximately 50 former Bley employees to the Acme family effective 6/3/2014. More

Taming the Inevitable Business Cycles

Why is it that when business is good we think that it won’t turn down and when it is slow we think it won’t pick up again?  Let’s face it, business cycles are here to stay, and we would do well to anticipate them and run our businesses to make the best of the up cycles and to cope with the down cycles.  While these thoughts are primarily aimed at others with manufacturing businesses, the primary issue is pretty generic.  None of us have infinite capacity, so how do we most effectively flex our capacity or influence the demand so that they are relatively closely matched? More

Strategic Planning Brings the Future into Focus

For many of us who lead our companies, it is a challenge to see much past next month, let alone three to five years into the future.  We may feel that we are doing well just to put together a plan with objectives and a financial budget for our next fiscal year.  Unfortunately, if we are totally occupied on a day-to-day basis or only looking ahead one year at a time, it is unlikely that we will chart a course that will optimize the future of our businesses.  If we are going to have a truly successful business, we need to find a way to grow in spite of a natural attrition of customers or projects that is an ongoing reality in today’s business world. More

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